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Why is posting ad free? And why couldn’t it be.

Why so many institutions fail to operate remotly? And what could be done to speed up the whole process of going remote?

At these days many institutions and companies switch to remote work. But changes at these area are still too slow. The question is what is the biggest obstacle to switch way of work.

Leaders without experience with HomeOffice

One of the problems could be people in managerial positions who do not have enough experience with working from home and aren’t able to imagine this way of work. These people will probably slow down whole process.

Workers without knowledge

Another problem can be people without sufficient knowledge of IT programs which enable working from homeoffice. Even though there are many possibilities at these days how to improve IT literacy, some people will postpone using new technology as long as possible. Laziness is standard human feature and corresponds with „saving energy mode“.

IT security

Its necessary mention another aspect of working from home and that is IT security. Working from homeoffice may require more security measures, but there are many products which help companies to solve this problem.

How to speed up the process of going remote

There are another aspects which prevents going remote but I think that three problems mentioned above are the most important. To speed up the whole process of going remote it would be nice to start with leaders and let them work from home. They could be a role model for other employees. Another important step is choose software, which use is not limited only to office. There are many software products which are ment to be used by employees working from home. If company use such a software, its easier for employees to swhitch from office to homeoffice, because they do not need study new way of work. And finally it’s about solving IT security challenges connected with working from home, but there are many products which solve this issue and which can provide the same security as when working from office.

Why go remote?

Let’s sum up benefits of going remote.

Time and money savings

Woriking from home enables huge transport savings. And when I talk abou savings I don’t mean just money but also time. There are many employees, students and people who need to solve something with authorities spending substantial amount of time by commuting.

Idea that some people spend most of their time in job and then another huge portion of time by commuting is not cool and definatelly leads to higher inefficiency. This time could be spend either by relaxation, which leads to higher efficiency or studying which leads to higher productivity. And higher productivity should be goal to employee and employer, because higher productivity leads to higher wages and profit.

Working from home decrease inequality

There are many people who argue that commuting is not such a problem for them. But actually there is higher commuting from poorer region to rich cities with better job offer. The result is, that commuting has negative impact on poor people, whose situation is already bad and who are trying get better.

Going remote puts people with disabilities and healthy people on the same level

There are many ways states try to help people with disabilities by means of subsidy. But there is even better solution then compensate these people with money and that’s removing impact of their handicap by means of going remote.

The nation with remote workers and students can handle other crisis situations better

It’s hard to say what future brings. From risk management point of view are employees, entrepreneurs and students working from home better prepared for the future. Because there are many situations which can disable or make difficult commuting and live of workers and students who have to work and study presently.

Positive impact on quality of life, personal development and efficiency at 100% HomeOffice

Working at 100% HomeOffice significantly improves the quality of employees life. The main positive impact is the calm the employee working from home gets. The attention of a person who has a defined place to work at home is not distracted by focusing on the environment, such as working in Open space offices. This not only increases the employee’s efficiency, but also minimizes the negative effects caused by constant distraction.

Positive impacts when working from HomeOffice are not only on health, but also on personal development of the employee. When working in the office, a significant part of the day is devoted to solving nonsense. Most of the calls are about personal matters or discussing the work of others, which should theoretically lead to greater efficiency as employees “guard each other”. The result, however, is nonsensical Battle of Frogs and Mice that reduce company performance and efficiency. A person who works under fear will do a certain amount of performance, but apparently nothing significant that would drive the company forward. Not to mention that such an environment has a negative impact on employee health and hinders his personal development. A person who does not develop can not be an important asset for the company.

Increasing the use of HomeOffice should eliminate these negative aspects of office jobs and improve the quality of life for workers in achieving greater efficiency.

List of jobs which can be done from 100% HomeOffice

There are many jobs which can be done from home. Just look at list of jobs which can be done from 100% HomeOffice:

  • SEO analyst
  • HR Assistant
  • Personnel consultant
  • Graphics designer
  • Head of Department
  • Credit Specialist
  • C # Programmer
  • Marketing specialist
  • IT tester
  • Financial markets specialist
  • Telemarketing worker
  • PPC specialist
  • iOS programmer
  • Team leader
  • Oracle programmer
  • Key Account Manager
  • Economist
  • Purchasing manager
  • Production planner
  • IT project manager
  • CEO
  • Advertising department worker
  • Objective-C programmer
  • Lyricist
  • Payroll accountant
  • Java programmer
  • PLC programmer
  • Product Manager – Specialist
  • Specialist for education
  • Accountant
  • IT Security Specialist
  • Head of the Legal Department
  • Sales Representative
  • System administrator
  • Regulatory Affairs Manager
  • Mortgage specialist
  • Reporting specialist
  • Project manager
  • Graphic designer
  • Customer support specialist
  • HR business partner
  • Call Center Director
  • Business analyst
  • Recruiter, recruitment specialist
  • Consultant
  • Web designer
  • Budgeter / Calculator
  • Business group leader
  • Database Administrator
  • Office worker, assistant
  • Product Manager
  • Interpreter
  • IT Consultant
  • Advertising Manager
  • Quality and ISO Director
  • CRM specialist
  • Billing and payment specialist
  • Android programmer
  • Marketing manager
  • HR Director
  • Specialist terminal equipment testing
  • IT analyst
  • Telephone operator
  • Lektor
  • Network modeling specialist
  • Invoice
  • Chief Accountant
  • Supervisor
  • PHP programmer
  • E-shop manager
  • Product development specialist
  • Product manager in IT
  • Javascript programmer
  • Business Manager
  • System engineer
  • Technical Support / IT Specialist
  • IT architekt
  • Personální manažer
  • Financial analyst
  • Marketing values ​​specialist
  • .NET programmer

Current situation shows that working from home office is possible

Many companies resist to their employees work from home. Instead, open space offices are popular, where people squeeze like cattle.

The advantages of open space offices are often highlighted as support for employee cooperation and cooperation. But this is a foolish idea of ​​managers who usually have their own office.

There are a number of studies that have shown that working in open space has a negative impact on employee health. Every person who needs to concentrate requires peace. And that is what open space does not offer. Companies that have applied open space are trying to provide this peace of mind to employees through various half-solutions and create different zones where they are supposed to have peace. But this is a foolish idea.

One small positive thing about the negative current situation is that working from home has proved possible for many employees.

Advantages of 100 % HomeOffice

There are many advantages of working from home:

Economical – employees do not have to commutate which saves cost. There is no need for moving to cities with expensive rent. People who move to city spend a huge amount of their income for rent. On the other hand employers do not need to buy building for employees, so employers save money on building and energy bills.

Ecological – there is no need to commutate, which is ecological.

Social – working from home prevent decreasing of people in countryside and removes differencies between regions or whole states. Differencies between healthy people and people with handicap.

Comfort – employee who can work in calm environment will achieve higher performance than employee who is constantly interrupted in open space.

Open Space – the Curse of Today

There are many articles about negative impact of open space to employees. Open space affects negatively employees’ health and efficiency. Even though companies don’t abandon this concept.

Why does open space still survive?

From an economic point of view, the company would look for the most effective solutions to maximize profit. Abandoning open space and making more of 100% work from home has led to greater business efficiency, as well as a pleasant and healthy experience for employees.

Moving people out of open office to home office would weaken position of employees who are able to present themselves well and usurp results of other, which is basic assumption for successful career in corporate. Because these people usually achieve managerial positions, refusing of home office is sanctified. Their meaning would disappeared after using open space stopped.The company is not managed by owners or shareholders but by managers. They pursue their own interests like any other person on our planet.

Why companies started using open space?

I think the idea was that when a bunch of Sillicon Valley sitting together can produce a great product, the mass of people sitting together can do it too. In practice, however, it does not work. If you look at some of today’s startups, you will see that people work from home and have no problem with it.

When will open space expire?

 I guess that in ten years’ time some consultant will come up with a great idea that open space doesn’t work. Consequently, larger companies will also drop this concept.